Wibe Cable Ladder

25 Jul 2011 | Filed under: New Products

WibeNow Available from R&M Fixings & Supports

Wibe was the first producer of cable ladders in Sweden and has for more than 70 years been the market leader and foremost in the development of new products and systems.

There are over 5,000 items in Wibes product range and around 100 are ladders and trays. The remainder is made up to meet every possible requirement.

• Low Sided Ladder
• Fast Fix Connection System
• Articulated joints enable bends, risers & droppers to be created on site
• Finishes Pre-Galv, HDG, Stainless Steel and Epoxy Coating
• Widths from 150 to 1000mm

• Ideal where space restrictions exist
• No fishplates at joints, saving 8 nuts and bolts per joint
• Tees and bends can formed on site using coupler 22
• Easy to Install
• Excellent Values of Safe Working Load when compared to traditional high sided ladders