Sikla Solar Framing System

13 Jul 2011 | Filed under: New Services, News

A New Service at R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd

Did you know that there is a way to build solar array supports cost effectively and efficiently?

R&M Fixings have joined forces with Sikla, who are a market leader in modular PV mounting systems and engineered solutions.

Sikla Solar is designed to be cost effective and easy to install and because it is based upon a traditional Strut profile, you are more than likely already familiar and ready to use it without any questions whether your application is a pitched roof, domestic install or an earth mounted Solar Park.

With over 40 years of experience on innovative bracketry solutions, adopting the Sikla Solar System will be a profitable move and you will benefit from:

• Long Lasting Corrosion Resistance
• Tested “High Corrosion Protected Surface”
• No bi-metal corrosion Maximum Productivity
• Time saving installation process with fewer components
• Simple handling, no loose parts
• Convenient installation aids Flexible Fastening Systems
• For all PV modules up to 50mm Thick
• Adjustable PV mounting clamps Design & Engineering Support
• CAD design & material call off
• Static Calculations
• Wind & Ballast data output
• On-site support