Hazardous Area, Flame-proof and Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment

When you work within the hazardous area industry, you need to be sure that the advice and equipment you get is correct by application and compliant with current ATEX standards. We bring all of our experience to the table to help guide you through your choices and options, coming up with tailored solutions that do exactly what you need them to.

All of our staff have hazardous area application training, so they know which electrical products are right for you and what you need to stay safe and compliant. When we don’t have a solution, that’s when we sit down with you and create one. It’s this commitment to safety and solutions that helps us build long term relationships with you. The complete range of Ex electrical equipment is available from R&M including lighting, enclosures, switchgear, sounders, transits, cable glands, barriers, control stations, trace heating solutions, beacons and distribution equipment.