Cable Cutting & Labeling

You can do away with large drums of cable taking up space on your site. Our cable cutting and tagging service helps you install your cables 25% faster and eliminates over-ordering and surplus materials, saving you money.

We can cut cables on a large scale and tag them to be delivered to the right location with all the necessary installation information. You’ll take away the hassle of having large cable drums delivered to site, cutting on-site and then potentially delivering to another where it’s needed.

It also offers traceability – you know where your stock is and, when you don’t, it’s easy to locate. It helps stop cable from going missing, avoids cable being cut from the wrong drums which can result in costly delays, loss of stock and surplus material.

Engineering expertise

We gather detailed circuit length information so that we can sort and cut the correct cable for the area it will be used in. Alongside this we will provide detailed installation information and cable gland sizing so that the fitting process is smooth and hassle free. By using this data, we can make sure that you only order and use what you need, eliminating surplus and keeping your costs down.

We can manage the process for you, with expert project managers on-hand to oversee the measuring and ordering to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Faster delivery

By evaluating what you need at an early stage, with our engineers and project managers’ involvement, we can ensure that the cable you need is cut to size and ready for delivery exactly when you need it.

We coordinate the cable cutting service with expert logistics and planning, constantly assessing what you need and when you need it. Efficiency is a big saving to any project’s costs, by closely monitoring your cable requirements we can slot into your timescales and deadlines which means you’ll be hitting your targets and saving money.

We deliver cable to over 90 countries across the world, so wherever you are we can deliver efficiently and effectively for your project.