Independent Distributor of Electrical Services

Cutting down your installation times, increasing your efficiency and making you safer is what our electrical services are designed for.

From pre-assembly of brackets, modules, utility cupboards and enclosures, to pre-cut cables and our online punch-out portal that makes ordering a doddle – we’ve invested time and money into providing electrical services that make you better, smarter and safer.

For over 30 years we’ve been creating cutting edge service solutions for our customers, helping you to meet and exceed industry standards and regulations with ease. Working across multiple industries including oil, gas, petrochemical, rail, marine, commercial and industrial, we provide stand-out services that make your life easier.


Assembly Services

Imagine how much time and money you could save by having vital electrical products pre-assembled and delivered to-site, ready to go? We provide assembly so that you eliminate these problems, getting you working more efficiently and, ultimately, saving you money.


Cable Cutting & Labeling

Cable Cutting and Labeling Services

You can do away with large drums of cable taking up space on your site. Our cable cutting and tagging service helps you install your cables 25% faster and eliminates over-ordering and surplus materials, saving you money.


UK Branch Distribution Network

Warehouse worker moving products

When you order electrical items from us not only do you have access to over £7 million of stock, a UK branch network of 11 business units but you can also benefit from our online punch-out customer portal that makes ordering and managing deliveries easy.


Hazardous Area Electrical Services

providing electrical services to hazardous area workers

When you work within the hazardous area industry, you need to be sure that the advice and equipment you get is correct by application and compliant with current ATEX standards. We bring all of our experience to the table to help guide you through your choices and options.


Lighting Design

Lighing in Stadhampton Church

By using our dedicated lighting design team, you’ll get superior performance lighting that saves energy, improves aesthetics and keeps you safe. We use design packages to model and simulate lighting installations prior to specification and we listen to any problems you need solving.


Offsite Fabrication

person working on the installation of a bracket

Speed up your installation process for fixings and supports by asking us to pre-fabricate them off-site. Delivered and ready to install, each bracket is created to your individual needs providing solutions for the most complex of projects and environments.


Project Delivery & Supply Chain Management

Oil refinery

Get quality electrical equipment alongside expert logistics, documentation, technical advice and support and a reliable supply chain. When you buy electrical equipment from us, it’s a long term investment.


Client Management Portal

Electrician working with cables

R&M Electrical is empowering Operating Companies and EPC Contractors across a wealth of industries with a NEW Client Materials Management Portal that executes comprehensive material management strategies to cover every single component of your project all in “one place”.