R&M Swansea new distributor for Pulsar Process Measurement

15 Nov 2010 | Filed under: News

R&M’s Swansea branch are proud to become Pulsar Process Measurement’s latest distributor in Wales.

Pulsar are one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of level and flow instruments, whose strength is in the non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement of water, waste water, food, quarrying, cement or other industries where bulk liquids or solids are involved, in fact in almost any application where there is a level of solids or liquids in silos, tanks or other areas can be measured (e.g. measuring the levels of slurry in an over spill tank).   With their Pulsar transducers  approved to ATEX (EEx m) for zone 1 and zone 2 applications, with no Zener barrier required,  Pulsar have invested heavily to ensure their equipment works in applications that would stump other ultrasonic systems – Talybon-on-Usk (Welsh Waters water treatment works) and Manchester Airport.

“We are very pleased to have been given this partnership opportunity with Pulsar” commented Gary Sullivan Manager of R&M’s Swansea branch, “and plan to concentrate on distributing the Pulsar Process Control Range and Transducer Heads, which is a range that will sit well with our current product mix”.