Renewable Energy Finance – New from R&M

06 Jul 2015 | Filed under: Announcements, New Services


Renewable energy finance is an additional service now offered through R&M to enable our customers to take advantage of the energy and cost saving benefits of switching to LED lighting without the initial outlay.


The energy and costing savings of utilising latest LED technology by switching existing lighting to LED or installing LED lighting in new projects has been well documented – with the cost of the light fittings easily being recouped through the life time savings made on energy consumption.
However, the initial outlay on LED light schemes can be daunting – which is where R&M’s Renewable Energy Finance Scheme can help. In 2015 we were appointed by Lombard North Central PLC as an “Introducer”.  This means that not only can our technical team help specific the lighting products most suitable to your project, but we are also able to source, supply and put you in touch with Lombard directly to aid on the finance side.


Lombard are one of the UK’s largest and most experienced providers of asset finance, and are able to provide funding to businesses of all sizes and for all levels of projects. They specialise in offering a full range of products and services that are tailored to customer individual requirements – allowing them to preserve working capital by financing an asset over its cash-generating life, rather than customers having the burden of paying for it all upfront.
Lombard offer a full range of flexible finance products, based on both fixed and variable rates (terms and conditions apply).
“We were very pleased to be appointed by Lombard as an introducer for their renewable energy finance scheme. R&M are committed to offering our customers economical, environmentally friendly lighting solutions and this enables us to go that one step further – making LED lighting even more affordable. It is possible that the savings customers make switching to LED lighting will cover the finance costs!” Ben Dewey – Lighting Division Manager.
R&M’s Lighting Division offer a full range of lighting services, including consultation, lighting scheme design, product specification, sourcing and supply – please contact us today for further information on the services we are able to supply.