New Product: Zip Energy Efficient Range

25 Oct 2013 | Filed under: New Products

zip-logoThe Zip Energy Efficient range of products are now available through R&M.

Zip instant boiling systems are known for their reliability, encompassing safety with energy efficiency, all wrapped up in a modern and stylish design.

Sparkling-HydroTap-brochure-cover-224x300The innovative design of Zip water heating products means that the energy saving sustainability technology used can reduce the operating cost of some instant boiling water systems by more than 50%.

Their water heaters contain inbuilt water filtration units twenty five times finer than water filtration of the past, purifying the water and providing crystal clear better-tasting water, boiling or chilled.

To complement their standard range of instant boiling systems, Zip have developed the Zip HydroTap, a fresh concept in instant boiling water systems, with an under-bench control cabinet delivering boiling and chilled filtered water through an electronically controlled tap on the sink.

Zip HydroTap®

  • Instant boiling water
  • Instant chilled still filtered water
  • Instant chilled sparkling filtered water
  • Install at the sink or on a dedicated font and drip tray
  • Automatic and programmable energy saving modes for added efficiency

Features of the Zip standard water heating ranges include:

Zip Hydroboil Plus

  • Instant boiling water
  • Thermostatically controlled, twin chamber technology
  • Steam-heat-boost system – boiling water steam recycled to pre-heat incoming cold water
  • Power-pulse energy saving technology – applies full power only during heavy usage periods
  • Automatic sleep modes and programmable timers for added energy efficiency

Zip InLine

  • Instantaneous water heating – the most energy efficient way of heating water electrically
  • Bare wire technology using stainless steel elements directly immersed in the water flow path
  • No standing heat loss, only heats the water drawn off
  • Unlimited hot water supply
  • Tangible water savings

For more information contact your nearest R&M branch or e-mail us at [email protected]