New Product: Hager Launches First UK Universal Dimming Solution for CFLs and LEDs

17 Dec 2012 | Filed under: New Products

HAGER-LOGO1-300x159Hager claims to be the first manufacturer in the UK to offer a dimming solution that can recognise new loads.  The new range of dimmers has a lamp learning function, which allows it to detect and control different lamps including dimmable CFLs and LEDs.

Hager-Dimmers-EVN-Range2-300x185The new dimmers will allow installers to propose a dimming a solution that does not depend on the load technology that the customer will connect.  It also allows the end customer to change the lamp type without having to call the installer for advice.

Says Steve Dyson, product manager for Hager:  “People are used to dimming their lighting, but, since the withdrawal of the incandescent lamp, this has simply not been possible with a number of the alternative light sources.

“The current situation is that the installer needs to refer to the lamp manufacturer to find out what dimmer they can use with a dimmable CFL or LED.  This is unnecessarily complicated and also leads to a problem when the lamp needs replacing.  Our solution is a one or two module control device that is fitted in the electrical distribution board.   This means that any wiring accessory with a retractive switch can be used for dimming, so the choice for the end user is not limited.”

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