New Product: Fischer FAZ II Anchor Bolt

28 Mar 2011 | Filed under: New Products, New Services

R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd now stocks the Fischer High Performance FAZ II range of Anchor Bolts.

Key Features of this bolt are:

  • Highest tensile and shear loads, that means: more safety with fewer total fixing points and thus lower costs
  • Can be used in extremely thin concrete panels, starting at 8cm thickness
  • Smalles edge distances and axial spacings for more application options
  • Low driving-in energy, small tightening distance and thus extremely handy for installation work
  • High steel ductility enables subsequent alignment using a hammer
  • Installation friendly, since only a few revolutions are necessary to apply the torque
  • Push through and pre-positioned installation

“This is a wonderfully designed bolt which can be used in both cracked and non-cracked concrete.  Its high tensile and sheer load ratings means the installation has fewer fixing points – thus saving money all round!  It is perfect for use with extremely thin panels (8 cm) and can be aligned after installation” Nick Dyer-Smith (Director)