New Product: EzyBond Pipe Earth Clamps

18 Apr 2011 | Filed under: New Products

Always striving to offer the most innovative and time saving products to our customers – R&M Fixings & Supports now stock  EzyBond Pipe Earth Clamps.

For 15mm and 22mm pipes and conductors up to 10mm – manufactured in heat and UV stabilised nylon 6.6, embodying excellent mechanical properties, chemical, heat resistant and self extinguishing characteristics.  Patented double tooth jaw with conductor vane guides design and security locking.

Using the EzyBond Pipe Earth Clamp offers significant advantages:

  • More than halfing installation time
  • Continuous uniform metal contact
  • No screws or loose parts
  • ASTA approved electrical tests to BS951:99
  • No sharp edges and no corrosion
  • Increased security
  • Cross-bounding becomes a simple operation with continuous uniform contact
  • Always correct size for pipe fitting
  • Manufactured to ISO9001-2000

The two first teeth of the jaw have been designed to allow the clamp to be tightened initially by hand, and once the camp is positioned in the desired location the fastening operation is completed by pliers.  Locking tabs prevent release of the jaws once the clamp is secured.

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