MK Commando Industrial Plugs and Sockets

02 Dec 2013 | Filed under: New Products

Commando2013Lifestyle1MK Commando industrial plugs and sockets are being updated, improved and revamped making this tough range of plugs and sockets even better!

The product range, with IP ratings of 44 and 67, are robustly designed with outstanding temperature performance and are resistant to most chemicals.

Over the next 12 months, starting with the 40 most popular products, the entire range is being updated with improved design and safety features.

MK Commando new features:

Quick Release Cable Clamp

Offering an improved locking mechanism applying pressure to the cable for the lifetime of the product

Ergonomic Design

Sharp edges are removed, improving cable protection and giving the user a comfortable grip for connecting and disconnecting the product

Easy Wiring

Terminals are clearly marked for ease of identification.  Earth terminals have two screws to ensure integrity of connection


Features like the calibrated contact sleeves with stainless steel springs and double earthing screws all mean that this plug or socket will perform better and longer in difficult conditions

Nickel plated pins – longer life and increased resistance to wear and high humidity

10 Year Warranty

MK-COMMANDO-IMAGE-300x231“We are pleased to be able to offer the MK Commando range of plugs and sockets, they are ideal for our customer base who demand products that offer increased safety, are durable and are able to perform well in a wide range of challenging environments.    The additional bonus of this range is that they are quick and easy to install and reliable!”  Rik Walecki – Oxford Branch Manager.

The MK Commando range is ideal for use in industrial environments like workshops, factories and warehouses; or in the food and beverage industry. The range is also perfect for applications that require frequent connection and disconnection of power in public areas such as airports, hospitals and shopping malls where ingress of dirt or liquids could be a concern.

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