Jaw Dropper

11 Jul 2011 | Filed under: New Products

For Tightening Taps Without Isolating The Water Supply

1. Sliding jaw locked in position to allow tightening/ removal of pipe union nut

2. Sliding jaw dropped to allow tightening of tap back nut with out having to turn off water supply or drain system.





  • Slim design ensures maximum accessibility
  • Adjustable handles give maximum leverage as well as enabling use of jaws at either end of wrench
  • The sliding handle channel means the handle can be easily repositioned
  • Flat head screwdriver fitting on reverse of jaws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the jaws
  • Different jaws at either end of the wrench cover a wide range of nut sizes
  • In the closed position the bottom half of the jaw acts as a stop when tightening/removing union nut