Gripple Fast Trak

03 Jul 2018 | Filed under: New Products

Gripple Fast Trak is a quick installation trapeze bracket solution which removes labour intensive on-site activity associated with traditional suspension systems.

This pre-fabricated, off-site solution simplifies the process of installing building services. With the launch of Fast Trak, Gripple has extended that time saving simplicity to a trapeze bracket system which delivers all the flexibility of its wire rope counterparts.

The next installment in Gripple innovation, Fast Trak delivers significant cost and labour savings, carbon efficiencies and minimises health and safety concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick – up to 6 times faster to install than traditional suspension systems
  • Safe – pre-fabricated system  which removes the need to cut threaded rod or channel on site.
  • Tool free – bracket can be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position during installation
  • Secure – safety locks ensure security once brackets and tracks are in place
  • Zero waste – tracks bend neatly under bracket
  • Space saver – can be multi-tiered to accommodate additional services
  • easy measurement – indicators at each end of the bracket can be used as a measurement guide when marking fixing points in to soffit
  • Neat and tidy – system can be ‘stacked’ on-site to reduce storage

Mounting Methods

  • Shot Fire
  • Drop-in Anchor
  • Concrete Screw
  • Wood Screw
  • Wedge Anchor

Please check load ratings of fixings as these may differ to the Fast Trak System SWL

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