Gewiss ReStart Range – New Range at R&M

29 Aug 2014 | Filed under: New Products

gewiss-logo-300x63Gewiss ReStart Range is a new product range to be distributed through R&M’s Southampton Branch.

The range is a unique set of Automatic Reclosing Devices that automatically reset Residual current Devices (RCD’s).  You can finally wave goodbye to the need to manually re-set an RCD after the inconvenience of nuisance tripping!

Gewiss ReStart Range

  • Associated protected circuits are automatically maintained – eliminating the possibility of safe, healthy circuits being incorrectly isolated
  • Reduces down time – the functioning circuit is maintained automatically – whatever the application
  • Minimum delay between a trip and the safe restarting of the circuit – just 10 to 90 seconds
  • The status of the circuit is tested after any trip and only recloses the associated device if safe to do so
  • Available in mono-bloc form as well as modular – can be added onto protection devices or supplied complete
  • Entire range is suitable for standard En50022 din rail – compatible with a wide range of enclosures

Gewiss ReStart Pro Range

GEWISS-90-RESTART-RANGEThe ReStart Pro Range offers all the benefits of the ReStart range with the additional advantages of:

  • Continuous circuit monitoring
  • RCD automatically reset once the fault is cleared
  • Integrated auxiliary contacts – status updates condition can be sent to a mobile phone or computer

Gewiss ReStart with Autotest

The Gewiss ReStart with Autotest offers:

  • Self checks the working condition of the RCD automatically
  • The paired RCD is automatically tested on a monthly basis – leading to a longer working life for the RCD
  • No interruption to the power supply whilst the test occurs

“This is a great addition to the large range of Gewiss products we hold at our Southampton Branch.  RCD’s are life-saving devices but only when functioning correctly – there are a large number of installed RCD’s out there that are faulty as they are not checked on a regular basis – but with the ReStart range you have peace of mind as the checks are carried out for you – with little intervention on your part!”  Matt Rosier – Group Purchasing Manager

Contact our Southampton Branch for more information and a quote today:  [email protected]