Domus Green Line Duct Bends – New from R&M

26 May 2015 | Filed under: New Products

New from R&M Fixings and Supports is the innovative Domus High Efficiency Green Line Rigid Duct Bends.  For use with duct systems and MVHR units the bends are designed to significantly reduce duct resistance, lower system noise and reduce overall energy usage.


The 90 ° bends are part of the Domus Green Line range of energy efficient ventilation systems and accessories – and in line with the ethos of the range  this innovative product reduces overall energy usage, and when used in conjunction with MVHR units may allow for a reduction in size of the unit which will consequently reduce the overall system cost.  The reduction in energy usage is achieved through designing the bend t enable a uniform flow of air through the section of duct thereby  reducing air flow resistance by up to 60% and lowering the air speed.  This significantly lowers the duct systems total pressure loss, resulting in a quieter and more efficient ventilation system.

Domus Green Line Bends – Features

  • Smoothly channels air through the duct bend in a uniform flow
  • Significantly reduces duct bend resistance for improved air flow and overall energy usage
  • Reduces air speed through the bend to lower system noise
  • Performance tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE)

The Domus Green Line Bends are available for the  Domus 204 x 60mm (order reference 550-GL) and 220 x 90mm (order reference 950-GL) rigid duct systems.

Polypipe are market leaders in the manufacture of rigid duct systems with their Domus range available in 8 different profiles with a full range of fittings suitable for both simple or complex systems.

The product is designed to offer high levels of air tightness and system efficiency, and is supported by a full range of insulation, sound attenuation and fire-stopping products.

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