Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable – New at R&M

13 Jan 2014 | Filed under: New Products

datwyler-logoDatwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable (300/500v) is now available through R&M’s Oxford Branch.

This Halogen-free safety cable offers improved characteristics in the case of fire; zero-halogen non corrosive gases, flame retardant, fire resistant (no fumes), minimal smoke emissions and retains circuit integrity.

datwyler-cable-image-300x96Ideally suited for fire alarm systems and emergency lighting for permanent installation in buildings, the Datwyler Pyrofil® Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable has a permitted operating temperature (at conductor) of +90°C.

This enhanced fire safety cable is ideal for new and retrofit installations, requiring no special terminations and therefore no special tools or ferrules.

Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable has received global approval, having been tested to and surpassing both British and Internationally recognised standards.

Datwyler Pyrofil Cable Construction

1   Conductor:  Solid

2   Insulation:  Fire resistant special compound

3   Drain wire:  Tinned copper

4   Inner covering:  Glass fibre tape

5   Shielding:  Al-laminated tape

6   Sheath:  FRNC/LS0H

Click on the link for further information on sizes and technical information

R&M’s Oxford Branch are able to supply wide range of both standard and enhanced fire safety cables, most of which is ex-stock and is available for next day delivery.

For those more specialist cable requirements the R&M Electrical Group have a dedicated cable division who are able to supply product from internationally approved manufacturers including:

  • Power Cables
  • Control & Instrumentation Cables
  • Elastomeric Power and Signal Cables
  • Data and Telecommunication Cables
  • Offshore/Marine Power, Control & Instrumentation Cables

For more information on the Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable or any of your other cable requirements contact our oxford branch at:  [email protected], or complete our contact form with your details.