CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp New from R&M

16 Jan 2014 | Filed under: New Products

tx-20-led-torch-135x300The CEAG TX20/CX20 System comprises of a torch for Zone 0 and a Zone 1 charger, making it the ultimate multifunctional lighting solution for use in hazardous areas.

The TX20 Torch a can be used as a hand torch, a helmet torch or can be a permanently installed emergency light.

The Ceag TX20 incorporates a robust design with the lighting output you need, providing a very high luminous intensity.  It’s Ex rated features makes it ideal for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants on and offshore.

CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp


  • The charger and torch are continuously checked and any faults indicated by means of an LED
  • Optional safety feature allows torch and charger to be sealed together to allow the combined unit to be used as emergency lighting
  • If power supply to the charger fails the torch will automatically switch on (emergency lighting)

Maintenance Free and Reliable

  • Sealed and self-maintained rechargeable battery feature
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown preventing permanent damage to batteries
  • 2mm hardened glass
  • The torch will automatically switch to a weaker standby light when its charge is low – to extend its operating time

CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp Technical

  • For use in hazardous areas zones 0, 1 and 2
  • Operating cycle ca. 5 hours
  • High light output due to 3W power LED
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable batter
  • Emergency lighting function
  • Automatic standby light when battery capacity decreases
  • Inductive charger for Ex zone 1
  • Automatic function test of lamp and charger
  • Deep-discharge protection
  • High degree of protection – IP67

For full product details and technical information please click here
This innovative hazardous area lighting system is now available through R&M’s Assembly Division so for further information and a quote please contact them at [email protected] or complete our contacts page with your requirements.