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10 Jun 2015 | Filed under: New Products, News

LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED – new from R&M

crouse-hindsThe innovative LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED is now available through R&M Assembly Division.

It is designed to comfortably operate within the extreme conditions found in gas Ex areas Zone 2 and dust Ex areas Zone 21 and Zone 22.
Available as a linear light fitting with and without a self-contained battery system it is suitable for areas where a high light output is required (with a rated luminous flux up to 8000 lm) and is ideally placed for use in heavy industry, platforms, shipyards, electric power stations, loading docks, chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical facilities, wastewater treatment or paper mills.LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED

The LL48 is designed to replace existing industrial fluorescent fixtures with the benefits inherent with LED lighting including; an energy-efficient proven light source which is reliable, cost-effective but which offers the same light pattern and lumen output as the traditional fluorescents it is designed to replace.

This fixture has been designed by Crouse Hinds for use as general lighting in indoor and outdoor areas with low mounting heights or confined spaces, such as aisles, tunnels and catwalks, over doorways and entries, landing areas, utility rooms, etc.

LL48 Features:

High Efficiency & Energy Savings

  • It provides reliable low cost operation with energy savings of up to 42% over HID fixtures
  • Cold temperature operation – no warm-up required

Superb Safety & Reliability; Robust Construction, Maintenance Free

  • Copper free aluminium housing with a tempered and impact resistant glass lens
  • IP66 Protection
  • Standard product is cool white 5700k LED
  • Shock and vibration resistant with no breakable filaments or glass components

Extreme Operating Temperature Range

  • T-rating: 5 at 40°C, T4A at 55°C
  • Operating temperature range: -35°C to +55°C

Innovative Design

  • Compact design makes it ideally suited to low head room applications
  • Easy to install – the compact modular fixture attaches onto existing fixtures
  • Dark sky compliant
  • Lead-free & Environmentally Friendly
  • The LL48 contains no mercury or other hazardous substances

Long Operating Life Span

  • Provides up to 60,000 hours rated life and up to 120,000 hours of economic life – eliminating the need for frequent lamp replacement
  • 5 Year Fixture Warranty

For more information or to request a quote please contact R&M Assembly Division

02 Jun 2015 | Filed under: New Services

Technor™ Exd Enclosures – R&M Appointed as Official Assembler

Technor logoR&M Assembly Division are pleased to announce that they have been selected by Technor™’ to assemble their EXD Enclosure Range.

Technor™ – part of the Marechal Electric Group – have an international reputation for their skill in developing and manufacturing systems and equipment requiring electric power in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as in offshore oil installations, petrochemical plants, refineries, ships, food stuff manufacturing or grain silo.

The range of flameproof enclosures satisfy the requirements of the joint European standards (ATEX, IEC-ex and GHOST-R regulations) with each individual component and system certified in accordance with these exacting Ex certification conditions.

R&M Assembly specialise in building enclosures that are specific to individual customer requirements on a project by project basis, whilst ensuring short lead times, and attaining high levels of quality within the assembly process.

Technor™ Range

The Technor™ Range assembled by R&M includes both Ex-d IIB, IIB+H2 and IIC Enclosures.

Available in copper free aluminium, cast iron or stainless steel, these ranges are suitable for instrument housing, control, check, connection, automation, interruption and/or protection use.


The EJB series of enclosures are available in copper free aluminium, galvanised carbon steel and stainless steel.

They are suitable for use within hazardous areas of industrial plants, are fully modifiable and can be used as part of larger assemblies.

Explosion Group IIC

Offering  Ex-d IIC protection the Technor ™ GUB range of enclosures can be assembled by R&M for TECHNOR GUB EXD ENCLOSUREuse within potentially explosive areas within industrial plants for indoor and outdoor applications.

The range is available in copper free aluminium and stainless steel and offers versions suitable for connections (the GUB Series) , check and control (the GUB QL Series), with and without window (the GUB/EMH Series), and is available as a junction box (the CPS/EMH Series).

Please contact R&M Assembly Division for further information or for a quote today –    Assembly@rm-electrical.com

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R&M Customer Feedback – Brush Electrical Machines Ltd

brush-logoMr Liam Warr of Brush Electrical Machines Ltd was kind enough to go on record to compliment R&M’s Assembly Division on a recent job completed for them, commenting that:

“Far too often it is easy to raise issue or negative comment with the performance of a supplier when a problem occurs in either that of the service or the quality of a product provided.  It is also easy to make oversights in passing on praise or thanks to those individuals that have, in no small part, contributed to the success of a project.

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CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp new from R&M

The CEAG TX20/CX20 System comprises of a torch for Zone 0 and a Zone 1 charger, making it the ultimate multifunctional lighting solution for use in hazardous areas.

The TX20 Torch a can be used as a hand torch, a helmet torch or can be a permanently installed emergency light.

The Ceag TX20 incorporates a robust design with the lighting output you need, providing a very high luminous intensity.  It’s Ex rated features makes it ideal for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants on and offshore.

CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp



  • The charger and torch are continuously checked and any faults indicated by means of an LED
  • Optional safety feature allows torch and charger to be sealed together to allow the combined unit to be used as emergency lighting
  • If power supply to the charger fails the torch will automatically switch on (emergency lighting)

Maintenance Free and Reliable

  • Sealed and self-maintained rechargeable battery feature
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown preventing permanent damage to batteries
  • 2mm hardened glass
  • The torch will automatically switch to a weaker standby light when its charge is low – to extend its operating time

CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp Technical

  • For use in hazardous areas zones 0, 1 and 2
  • Operating cycle ca. 5 hours
  • High light output due to 3W power LED
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable batter
  • Emergency lighting function
  • Automatic standby light when battery capacity decreases
  • Inductive charger for Ex zone 1
  • Automatic function test of lamp and charger
  • Deep-discharge protection
  • High degree of protection – IP67

This innovative hazardous area lighting system is now available through R&M’s Assembly Division so for further information and a quote please contact them at Assembly@rm-electrical.com or complete our contacts page with your requirements.

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New from Ceag EVZ Ex-Pendant Light Fittings

New from Ceag  EVZ Ex pendant light fitting, suitable for Zones 1 and 21, and now available at R&M Electrical.

Ceag’s (Cooper Crouse Hinds) new Ceag EVZ Ex-Pendant range is an explosion protected pendant light fitting for use with high-pressure lamps.  This stylish fitting is of an IEC metallic design and has been approved in accordance with IEC/EN 60079 regulations.

The Ceag EVZ Ex-Pendant range is suitable for us in gas Ex areas of Zone 1 & 2 as well as in dust Ex areas of Zone 21 & 22, and has been specifically designed for harsh environments with high extreme mechanical, moisture and dust hazards This versatile fitting can be used for wall, ceiling or pole mounted installations.
Its robust construction lends itself to all applications of general lighting in hazardous areas, including oil refineries, on board ships & platforms, chemical, petrochemical & LNG plants, waste or sewage treatment.

The EVZ series is ideally suited for dust-ex hazardous environments, including grain mills, wood, sugar and food processing and all other combustible dust plants.


Ceag EVZ Ex-Pendant

EVZ Ex-Pendant Light Fitting Features

  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • Rugged copper-free aluminium body and tempered glass globe – no guard required
  • High degree of protection – IP66 for wet and dusty environments
  • Chemical and UV resistant materials
  • Light weight – easy to mount and handle
  • Option of differing external reflectors
  • Wide operating temperature range –    -40 °C up to +55°C
  • Two sizes available
  • Can be used with HPS lamps & MH Lamps

For full information and technical data contact our Assembly Division on +44(0)1489 799 888, e-mail us on assembly @rm-electrial.com, or click on the link and complete our contacts page.

28 Feb 2011 | Filed under: New Products

New Product: Ceag Ex-Light Fittings

CEAG-ASSY-FEB-11_Page_11-212x300Now available through our Assembly Division –  the new CEAG range of nLLK 10 Ex-Light Fittings.

Combining latest lighting engineering with the specialist requirements of harsh and hazardous environments these luminaires are certified for use in Zone 2 gas Ex-areas and Zone 22 dust EX-areas.

Additional benefits offered by this range are:

  • Energy savings
  • Cost Efficient Installation
  • High Safety
  • Easy Maintenance
  • High Degree of Protection IP66

For more information and technical specifications, contact our assembly division on 023 8068 6618. assembly@rm-electrical.com


15 Feb 2011 | Filed under: New Services

New Service: Quality Marker Printing

printerR&M’s Assembly Division have innovatively  expanded their “stable” of services by taking delivery of the cutting edge, high tech marker printer –  the Weidmuller  “PrintJet PRO”.

The PrintJet PRO is the benchmark for industrial printing, and is renowned for producing markers with high definition print quality with superior smudge and scratch resistance. The cutting edge technology encapsulated within the PrintJet PRO will enable R&M to reliably produce high quality, small or large volume markers to our customer’s exact specifications.

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03 Nov 2010 | Filed under: News


tool-150x150R&M‘s Assembly Division are pleased to announce their recent investment in the technologically advanced SMX 2500 3 Axis CNC/Manual Bed Mill, with delivery due to take place in  November 2010.

“The SMX 2500 uses up-to-the minute, innovative technology and will increase both the efficiency and accuracy of our  machining ability, allowing us to produce both volume and bespoke “one off” enclosures.  This can only be a win win situation for our customers as we will be able to shorten lead times and offer an overall improved service.”  Commented Neil Sherin – Assembly Division Manager.

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13 Aug 2009 | Filed under: New Services

Bespoke Engraving Service

gravograph02The R&M Assembly Division will soon be able to offer a bespoke label engraving service with the arrival of a Gravograph M40 engraving machine. Delivery and training is expected in the next few weeks and should enable all R&M branches to offer a very short lead time delivery direct to their customers or to the branch.

The Assembly division will be able to offer a next day delivery for small tag labels with a short lead time for laser engraved materials including stainless steel. This service can be extended to include company logos simply send your design to us electronically and we can produce exactly what you need.