A Tidy Site is a Safe Site!

13 Jun 2011 | Filed under: New Services

Remove Hazards and Protect Cables from Damage.

Untidy, disorganised Leads and cables at best cause clutter and are potentially highly dangerous. R&M’s range of cable management solutions solves the problem efficiently and inexpensively.

Our range of cable stands, hooks and protector ramps have been designed to take unsightly leads and cables and channel them in a safe and orderly manner, giving benefits for both site managers and workers.

Tower Cable Stand

The tower cable stand is height adjustable, fully portable, highly visible and very stable. Made from non-conductive Polypropylene, it can hold multiple leads, hoses or cables.

Multipurpose Cable Hook

A non-conductive, tough plastic cable hook that’s ideal for electrical leads, cables, hoses, etc. versatile design fits over doors, walls, ceilings, scaffolds or anything that’s handy.

Cable Protection Ramps

A versatile cable protection system for power cables, leads and hoses, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Non- skid, flip top protects 6 channels. Durable polyurethane construction can handle vehicular and pedestrian traffic.