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GOST R Certificate Of Conformity

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Since 1993, the Russian Government has required the certification of a number of products and introduced the GOST R Certificate of Conformity system with the intention of protecting the health and safety of Russia’s population.

This certification applies to the majority of products sold or/and used in Russia. i.e.

  • Consumer products such as infant textiles and toys
  • Mechanical and electrical goods
  • Industrial equipment for food, chemical, oil and gas, construction and other industries

In order to import, sell or market products within the borders of Russia an original or certified copy of a GOST R is required.

The product in question should be clearly marked by the registered GOST R sign which demonstrates product compliance to the applicable Russian standards.

Sample GOST R markings are below:

GOST R Markings

GOST R Certificate of Conformity is a pre-requisite for obtaining the RTN Permit to Use – see separate section on RTN Permits.

Product ranges that fall outside of the mandatory certification requirements may still be GOST R certified using a Voluntary Scheme. The benefit of registering a product under the voluntary scheme is to show to consumer’s full conformity of product to Russian standards as a marketing devise to attract Russian Customers.

One can tell a voluntary Certificate of Conformity and a mandatory one by its colour: blue and yellow, respectively.

Specific products supplied by R&M are available with GOST R Certification approval – please call for more details.

Types of Certification Schemes

  • Single Shipment Certificates
    The Consignment Certificate of Conformity is valid for one consignment only, and specifies a certain type and quantity of product. Its use is limited in that the Exporter will need to prove who your customer/importer in Russia is by means of a contract or an invoice. It is widely used by those exporting to Russia sporadically.
  • Multiple Shipment Certificates
    The Serial Production Certificate of Conformity is valid for multiple shipments and is valid for a specified time period (12 months to 3 years) dependant on the type of product.

Such a document enables you to import into Russia an unlimited number of times and quantities of various goods produced during the certificate validity period. This type of GOST R certificate is especially suitable for a company who regularly exports a wide product range to Russia. To ensure the compliance of products to Russian standards after the certificate has been issued, an annual inspection by an accredited Certification Body is necessary.

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