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121 Cable Gland

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  • Outdoor or indoor use.
  • For use with non-armoured elastomer and plastic insulated cables

Cable Gland Selection Table

Size Ref.Entry Thread SizeCable Acceptance Details'G'Hexagon Dimensions
MetricNPT *
Standard or
Outer Sheath BAcross
Standard SealAlternative Seal (S)
AM20¾" or ½"
BM251" or ¾"13.020.2 9.515.425.836.039.5
CM321¼" or 1"19.026.515.521.
C2M401½" or 1¼"25.032.522.028.029.555.060.6
DM502" or 1½"31.544.4 / 42.3?27.534.840.465.070.8
EM632½" or 2"42.556.3 / 54.3?39.046.538.280.088.0
FM753" or 2½"54.568.2 / 65.3?48.558.340.595.0104.0
JM1004"75.091.6-- 41.0127.0142.0

All dimensions in millimetres (except * where dimensions are in inches). 2K – F size metric entry threads are 1.5mm pitch as standard, 15mm length of thread. For G size glands and above, a 2mm pitch is supplied as standard, 20mm length of thread (1.5mm pitch with 15mm length of thread can be supplied) please specify when ordering

¹ Smaller value is applicable when selecting reduced NPT entry option.
² Sizes Os and O are available with an M16 thread size. For O size with M16 thread, the maximum cable outer sheath diameter is 10.9mm

Technical Data

  • Construction and Test Standards: EN 50262, BS 6121 : Part 1
    Type BW, BX, BY and BZ.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -60°C to +100°C.
  • Assembly Instruction Sheet: AI 325.


  • Provides armour clamping using one clamping arrangement for all armour / braid types.
  • Manufactured in Brass (standard), Nickel Plated Brass, 316
  • Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Brass NPT entries are nickel plated as standard.

Ordering Information

Format for ordering is as follows: Alternate Clamping Ring (S), add suffi x S to ordering information.

Cable Gland TypeSizeThread(OPTIONAL)Cable Gland TypeSizeThread(OPTIONAL)
121CM32S121C1¼" NPTS

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