Supplying Measuring and Control Equipment to the Utility Sector

Since originating in 1995, R&M Swansea have served the utilities sector in Wales and South West England, including water authorities and gas and electricity suppliers.

Product Range

The experience gained over the years has resulted in a stock range tailored to this market and a service level second to none.

The branch is well versed in providing specialist equipment to this sector including measuring and control equipment such as pump level controllers and pump station controllers and are able to aide in the selection process for this niche market.

We hold distribution agreements with key suppliers of specialist equipment in this area including; Pulsar Process Measurement, Siemens and bespoke transformers and equipment from Easter Transformers.

We are also able to supply from stock a wide range of cable management products in a variety of finishes  – including stainless steel – suitable for use in the utilities sector.

Please view our specialist catalogue and product pages for further information.

Customer Service

In parallel to holding a large stock range for the utility sector the R&M Electrical Group branch in Swansea offers a sourcing service for “one off” purchases of technically specific items, including customer specific measuring and control equipment, and we have built up relationships with many leading manufacturers to enable us to successfully offer this facility.

R&M Swansea is renowned in the area for our excellent service and the close relationships we have built up with our customer base.  This service level is built around the understanding that the utilities sector operates  24 hours a day so we have tailored our supply service to complement this demanding schedule.

We are able to offer same and next day deliveries for local areas through our own team of delivery vehicles, and customer collections from our trade counter facilities.

We also have extensive experience in vendor managed inventory including on and off site consignment stock, kits and customer located store facilities.

Please contact us for further information.