Inventory Management

R&M Southampton have extensive experience in operating inventory management systems in partnership with our customers. 

Our flexible approach to customer service means that if you cannot find the ideal solution you are looking for please contact us and we will work together to find an answer that fits your requirements.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We provide both vendor managed inventory and consignment stock (or a mixture of the two).

We work together with our clients in the selection of the correct mix of products to be held at the customer site, and the levels of stock that are to be maintained. 

Our experienced team then ensures that the stock is carefully managed to ensure the supply of customer critical products are sustained at all times.

The inventory can either be owned by the customer and invoiced on receipt or consignment stock placed within your premises which is owned by R&M and invoiced upon use.

Customer Call-off Stock Facilities

Within our large warehousing facility within the R&M Southampton location we are able to offer customer stock facilities. 

This service has been driven by the requirement of our customers to have specific stock available over a long contract period where they are unable to warehouse the items themselves.  R&M are able to hold such stock at our premises at agreed quantities, to be called off and invoiced to the customer when desired, thus allowing our clients immediate access to critical items that may typically be on long delivery times.

Managed On-site Store Facilities

R&M Southampton have many years’ experience on operating managed on-site store facilities – such as our store within Fawley Refinery.

Agreed product ranges are warehoused on our customers’ premises and managed by R&M personnel. 

This ensures the stock our clients require is always at the location they want, increasing productivity and reducing the chanced of running out of critical items.