Lighting Consultancy, Design and Industrial Lights Supply

By using our dedicated lighting design team, you’ll get superior performance lighting that saves energy, improves aesthetics and keeps you safe.

Our lighting design service is bespoke; we’ll sit down with you to understand what you need and then set to work creating solutions and designs that perform perfectly, wherever they’re being used.

We use design packages to model and simulate lighting installations prior to specification and we listen to any problems you need solving. Watch our video to see the work we did at Harcourt Hill Swimming Pool – we pay attention to all the small details because we know the impact they can make.

The lighting consultancy team are all qualified lighting engineers so you get peace of mind that our designs fully comply with legislation and industry guidance.

Lighting Video

Endless options

We work with manufacturers from all over the world, so there are endless opportunities to create lighting that is unique and will stand the test of time. By picking and choosing the best solutions from a variety of suppliers, you’re free to create and build lighting that is specified by the application, distinctive and high-performing.

We believe that by having plenty of choice you’ll come away happier, with a lighting design that is fit-for-purpose and without having to compromise. Our lighting design department offers you the best of both worlds – performance and perfection.

Environmental impact

It’s part of our mission to reduce the impact you have on the environment without compromising on the performance of your lighting. We deliberately choose suppliers who are at the forefront of LED lighting technology to ensure we maintain the highest standards of energy efficiency.

This approach helps you to reduce your impact on the environment but also means that the lighting we supply will be cost effective, well into the future. We can supply full lighting designs and solutions along with detailed pay back reports for environments and industries across the world that are being challenged to cut their emissions. Shipping and cruise, offshore oil rigs, factories, marine and commercial industries all benefit from our expertise and knowledge of lighting design and industrial lights.