Peru LNG

R&M’s Projects Division along with our joint venture partner in the states Wholesale Electric were awarded supply contracts for both instrument and electrical bulks. The global alliance allows us to deliver enhanced business results to our clients by maximizing the effectiveness of both ours and our partners resources on a global level.

PERU LNG consists of two parts:

  1. A liquefied natural gas plant that includes a marine loading terminal from which liquefied natural gas will be transported.
  2. A gas supply pipeline connected to the existing TgP pipeline downstream of the rainforest section that transports the gas from this connection point to the LNG Plant located between Cañete and Chincha.
Peru LNG

R&M’s supply on this this project displays the vast product range on offer. As an overview R&M have supplied cables, cable glands, earthing materials, transit frames, lighting, lighting columns, plugs & sockets and junction boxes.

Project Date: 2007
Project Location: Peru