Hovercraft Electrical Equipment

R&M can count some of the suppliers of the largest range of amphibious, diesel-engined hovercraft available in the world today, as its customers to whom we supply a wide range of hovercraft electrical equipment and related products.

Our current clientelle include manufacturers and operators/outfitters of a diverse range of hovercraft from commercial, military and paramilitary to rescue craft.

Product Range

We stock a wide range of products, tailored towards the marine sector, and taking advantage of our location on the South Coast, home to one of the largest boat and ship building locations in the UK.

Our product range includes marine lighting, industrial lighting, control gear, switch gear, distribution equipment, marine cable, power cable and cable ancillary products, cable transit systems and cable management products.

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We specialise in supply contracts, custom tailored to suit our client’s needs, including offering large nationally held stocks of marine related electrical and supply products and “just in time” stock holdings of customer specific priority items.

The team at R&M Marine are also expert in the sourcing and distributing of bespoke “one-off” purchases for our customers of technically challenging products.  Our relationships with some of the worlds leading manufacturers ensure we have the expertise to help you.

We constantly review all of our supply contracts to ensure our customers are kept up to date with new or alternative technologies, maximizing the product quality and service we are able to offer our customers as an ongoing service.

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