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21 Dec 2017 | Filed under: Uncategorised

Low Location Lighting Refit Solution with R&M Lumen

The originally installed LLL system (Existalite and Glamox) onboard several cruise liners has become obsolete and needs to become replaced, as spares for aforementioned systems are no longer available on the global market.

In order to replace the old systems cost effectively and  in the shortest time possible, R&M / Happich have developed a retrofit solution which is now being utilised by many fo the major Cruise Line operators.

Installing the R&M Lumen/HAPPICH LLL retrofit system negates the  requirement to rip out the aluminum carrier profiles in use for the exisiting systems saving considerable time and cost including the carpet replacement. Our retrofit cover strip can be utilised on most installed profiles.

R&M Lumen/HAPPICH have designed new components especially for exchanging the electronic components of the system only,  based on a 2 wire configuration with so called LED islands, this is the newest version available on the market and fully certified by the DNV/GL.

The system fulfills all requirements and has been designed for an overall homogenous appearance. It is being installed on many new builds at the time being.

Pictured below is the R&M / Happich Retrofit 3L low level lighting solution being installed on board Oceana during drydock in Hamburg.

14 Nov 2017 | Filed under: Announcement

IEC Electrical, Cable and Lighting Stock, now in Miami

Following the launch of R&M Lumen Electrical Inc, our new dedicated marine division based in Miami, Florida we are pleased to inform all our valued customers that our IEC electrical, cable and lighting stocks have arrived from Europe.

IEC electrical, cable and lighting stock in Miami

We are holding large stocks of TKF marine cable, Osram Lamps, Schneider, Roxtec, Finder, Weidmuller, Hubbell, 3M, Palazzoli and Wiska products among many others, found on our Line Card.

IEC electrical, cable and lighting stock in Miami Warehouse

In addition to our IEC stock arriving we have also been busy recruiting additional members to the team and are pleased to welcome Ksenia Pichugina and Max Rodriguez who join us from Callenberg in sales and operational roles and Franklin Sanchez and Ernesto Quintero in Warehousing and Distribution roles.

IEC electrical, cable and lighting stock in Miami Warehouse

24 May 2017 | Filed under: Announcement

R&M Lumen Electrical become an IMARK member

R&M Lumen Electrical Inc (Miami) are delighted to announce that we have recently been accepted as an “IMARK” member. As an IMARK member we will have direct access to over 100 leading manufacturers across the USA with a membership of 1100 members and over 15 Billion USD of combined sales. This is a very important development ensuring that we can offer the right products at the right prices to our Marine and Cruise Line customer base.

With over 18% of the US electrical distribution market, the members of IMARK Group, Inc. constitute the largest member-owned, member-governed cooperative in the US electrical industry. IMARK Group, Inc. is headquartered in Bowie, Maryland and was founded on February 1, 1996 as the result of a merger between The Independent Electrical Distributors Group (TIED) and Western Independent Electrical Distributors (WIED). In January 2009, IMARK Group, Inc. merged with the Equity/EDN marketing group. IMARK Group, Inc. is a haven for high quality electrical distributors that intend to maintain their independence and enjoy high quality relationships with the electrical industry’s leading manufacturers.

About IMARK Group

IMARK GROUP, Inc. is a member-owned marketing group made up of over 1,100 independently owned electrical distributors throughout the United States. Our membership includes over 70 members in the Top 200 largest distributors in the country. Member companies serve their local customers from over 2,000 branch locations. With over $15 billion in combined sales, IMARK Group is the largest member owned, member governed cooperative in the US electrical industry.

Key to IMARK’s success is its relationship with nearly 100 of the industry’s leading suppliers. Members work closely with these suppliers to maximize profitability, increase market share, and strengthen business relationships. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy and support the end customer – whether an electrical contractor, industrial or institutional MRO, or electrical utility One of the largest independent marketing cooperatives in the world, IMARK Group, Inc. is an associate member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors and the National Cooperative Business Association. IMARK Group, Inc. is a founding member of the United Cooperatives Alliance of the Americas (UCAA). UCAA is a federation of member-owned cooperatives. UCAA exists to preserve and protect the cooperative model by sharing best practices in an effort to improve returns, reduce cost and enhance business practices for its members and cooperative wholesale distribution, while preserving each group’s cultural foundation. IMARK Group, Inc. is also a member/owner of IMELCO. IMELCO is the leading consortium of independent electrical distribution companies in Europe, Australia and the United States.