Lighting Design & Consultation

Our fully qualified Lighting Design Engineers specialise in producing energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting and control solutions that are innovative, visually stunning and effortlessly functional.

We guarantee a personal service tailored to each individual project, creating solutions that are easy to maintain, cost-effective and sympathetic to the function of the area to be lit.


R&M Lighting Division offers a consultation service either through use of our clients architectural plans and drawings or through direct site visits.  

We are able to take the requirements of our customers and advise with regards to the type of light fittings and control solutions that would be the most suitable for the area to be lit, whilst ensuring they are energy efficient and minimising the environmental impacts of any design.

Our clients are able to avail themselves of our consultants  as a standalone service or in conjunction with the design facility we are able to offer.

Our consultants will provide a solution with regards to lighting requirements, light fittings, light controls, legislative requirements, specification and manufacturer products that would be suitable for the project.

R&M are not affiliated to one particular manufacturer allowing us to provide lighting solutions specifically tailored to our customer requirements.


R&M’s lighting schematics strive to reduce the environmental impact of the design, focusing on energy efficiency, minimizing light pollution and trespass, working with leading manufacturers who are at the forefront of lighting design.

Our design service encompasses consultation, site visits and designs from our clients architecture drawings and plans.

Each design is tailored to the individual requirements of the customer, sympathetic to the surrounding environment and will ensure compliance with any applicable legislation and industry guidance with regards to light levels, light pollution and health and safety requirements.

R&M’s lighting engineers use a variety of specialist lighting design packages to model and simulate lighting installations prior to specification allowing our customers to visualize the final effect.

Our design experience includes industrial applications such as car parks, refineries and storage areas through to the more aesthetic demands of wine bars and churches.

Please view our case study pages for more information or contact us with your requirements.