R&M Case Studies

LED Lighting for the Royal Hampshire County Hospital Car Park

Working directly for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, R&M’s Lighting Division were asked to look at the Multi-Story Car Park at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester and produce an energy efficient LED lighting scheme utilising the existing 3-core wiring points.

On visiting the site our engineers found the car park to have poor light levels due to the location and light colour of the existing fittings. Energy efficiency of the scheme was also compromised by the use of old light fittings with lighting levels being constant 100% of the time, regardless of whether the car park was occupied or not.


RHCSThe solution provided by our Lighting Engineers was to use a CREE Lighting product – the CREE 304 Series Parking fitting – allowing the use of modern LED technology without compromising on performance. The 304 Series parking structure luminaires provide exceptional performance in confined-space installations. The low-profile modular design contributes to a discreet appearance.

To further enhance the energy savings of the scheme our engineers coupled the technologically advanced LED capabilities of the CREE 304 with RF sensors. This additional functionality allows the car park lights to be dimmed to 10% of normal light output when no-one is present, offering obvious energy savings to the Hospital Trust above and beyond those inherent with LED lighting.

RHCS2After successfully completing the Multi-storey car park at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, R&M’s Lighting Division were tasked to offer a lighting solution for the hospitals Butterfield Car Park at the front of the site – taking into account the Grade II listed buildings and historical importance of the adjacent buildings. See our Butterfield Car Park case study for how our team met this challenge!