Lighting and Control Scheme for 1855 Wine Bar

In consultation with N&M Electrical,  R&M’s Lighting Division were invited to specify and design an innovative lighting and control scheme for the 1855 Wine Bar in Oxford.

The challenge for the team was to produce a scheme that was sympathetic not only to the location of the bar – the historic Oxford Castle Quarter – to the buildings themselves, two walls of which form part of the centuries old Oxford City County Hall and to the sensitivity of the wine the bar is famous for serving!

The remit given to the team was a challenging one – on the one hand to produce a dynamic and edgy lighting scheme befitting a trendy wine bar, but on the other hand to ensure the scheme created the perfect ambiance for the building and ethos of the bar, whilst complimenting the age and historical significance of the area.

After extensive consultation with the customer our Lighting Divisions design utilised modern LED lighting and control technology, supplying a programmable scene setting system which allowed the lighting to be changed to enhance the natural light levels the bar receives throughout the day, and also to complement what the bar is being used for at any one time – e.g. large parties or romantic meals!

The control system was provided by Mode Lighting’s E-Din product – the latest in modular lighting controls, combining easy to install, simple to program, modules with modern minimalist styled control plates.

An additional consideration for the team was the effect the lighting of the 1855 Wine Bar was to have on the adjoining Magistrates Court. The eventual ingenious design incorporated LED strips and time clocks to ensure a “daylight effect” was achieved in the windows of the adjoining court which were previously blocked out by feature mirrors in their atrium.

R&M’s Lighting Division worked with various manufacturers on this project including: Reggiani, Aurora, Lee Broom, Mode Lighting, Cooper Lighting, and LEDs & Dimmable Drivers.

We would invite you to visit 1855 Wine Bar in Oxford to enjoy our lighting design in situ – and why not whilst there sample a few of the many wines the bar is quickly becoming famous for!