LED Lighting for Butterfield Car Park, Royal Hampshire County Hospital

R&M’s Lighting Division, having previously re-designed the Royal Hampshire County Hospital’s multi-storey car park, were enlisted by the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation to review the lighting levels and requirements of the Butterfield Car Park at the front of the hospital in Winchester.

Royal Hampshire County Hospital was founded in 1736 and relocated in 1861 to its current location under the guidance of Florence Nightingale. As such the Butterfield Wing of the hospital has been listed as a Grade II protected building since 1992, with the site itself being classed as part of a sensitive conservation area. Hence the historical importance of the area had to be taken into account within the design of the lighting scheme for the car park which was why, on recommendation of our lighting engineers, CREE Lighting’s contemporary black LED lanterns from their “Edge” range of products were chosen for the job.

The luminaires supplied through CREE Lighting are a modern twist on the classic Victorian style lantern, complimenting them perfectly with the location of the site, with both high level street light lamps and low level walk way lamps being provided.

By utilising LED lighting and controls our lighting engineers were able to offer energy savings and reduce light pollution on the Butterfield Car Park site – this was achieved by utilising LED technology and a programmable photocell system which in turn gave the ultimate in flexible settings for the lighting scheme. Using this advanced technology meant that the lighting levels in the car park could be perfectly matched to the shift and visitor patterns of the hospital – the lights are designed to come on at dusk, dim back down in late evenings when there is minimum usage of the area, power back up in the early morning and switch back off at dawn.