• R&M Hazardous Area

MCERTS Consultation

R&M are able to provide comprehensive advice, consultation and training on MCERTS (monitoring emissions to air, land and water) – the Environment Agency’s monitoring certification scheme.


Business emissions to air, land and water are regulated under strict European and UK laws, to protect the environment and human health.

If your company needs to comply with these laws you will need a permission from the Environment Agency to operate. Permission is normally made in the form of a permit requiring you to monitor your emissions.

Businesses either monitor their emissions all the time, known as continuous monitoring, or at times defined in their permit, known as spot tests or periodic monitoring. In both cases they must meet the Environment Agency’s standards.

MCERTS  provides a framework within which environmental measurements can be made in accordance with the Agency’s quality requirements.

The scheme covers a range of monitoring, sampling and inspection activities including:

  • Effluent flow monitoring inspection

The Environment Agency requires certain process operators to have their effluent flow monitoring arrangements independently inspected and certified as conforming to their requirements by Sira (the MCERTS Certification Body).

PPC/EPR regulated sites with an effluent flow monitoring requirement in their permit may be required to comply with the MCERTS scheme in order to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.

MCERTS Consultation Service

R&M Hazardous Area Division can provide management and technical support to deliver against the two components for demonstrating MCERTS compliance:

  • Site Inspection – An inspection of the site flow monitoring arrangements to verify the suitability of the flow meter and whether it has been installed, set-up and is operating correctly
  • Management System Audit – To ensure that the flow monitoring arrangements are maintained, calibrated and verified adequately between MCERTS inspections, a management system must be established and maintained

We are also able to provide full compliance training in this area – please contact us for further information.