EX Compliance Training & Consultation

Ex compliance training and advice is offered by our team of experts.   Recognised as an expert in this area, our consultant is president of the Hazardous Area Association South Wales, and acts as one of the SIRA ATEX compliance engineers with regards to conformity assessment of explosion safety equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX & IECEx).

Compliance Requirements

There are specific safety related regulations for the UK onshore processing sectors. The onshore process sector comes under Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH) regulations which are applicable to the chemical industry, some storage facilities, explosives and any other industries where threshold quantities (as defined by the Regulations) of dangerous substances are kept or used. R&M are able to offer ex compliance training and advice on what your obligations are and how to apply the relevant regulations to your particular business to aid you in ensuring your compliance with this complex and specialist area.

R&M will give you the tools to enable you demonstrate (as per COMAH requirements) that you have a Safety Management System (SMS) in place as part of an overall management system.

Under the regulations the Operator must demonstrate that they sufficient risk reduction measures (ALARP) to address the hazards with the potential to cause an accident and demonstration of the adequacy of the Safety Management System.

Safety Management System

It is accepted that the management of safety, like most other business management, is now a risk based approach and that is the basis of the SMS.

The essence of a Safety Management System is to demonstrate:

  • The organisation of personnel involved in major hazard management and provision of training
  • Identification of major hazards, likelihood and severity
  • Operational control including maintenance of plant, processes and equipment
  • Management of change including design of new installations and processes
  • Planning for emergencies
  • Monitoring performance
  • Audit and review of the SMS

R&M’s training will aid you in the design and implementation of such a system.