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ECOM Ex-Handy 08 Mobile Phone, Zones 1, 21 & Class I, Division 1

Introduction The new top-of-the-range model Ex-Handy 08 is designed for Zone 1 and is ecom instruments’ first UMTS-enabled mobile-phone. The Ex-Handy 08 provides high performance capability and guarantees software compatibility as well as network compatibility. Download Download the Ex-Handy 08  Read more

ECOM SHL 200-EX Handlamp – Zones 1 & 21

Introduction A rugged and powerful handlamp for industrial application in potentially explosive areas classified as Zone 1 and 21. The ergonomic design enables perfect handling and allows the lamp to be held securely in your hand whilst working. Download Download the  Read more

ECOM SHL 350-Ex Hand Lamp, Zones 0 &1, 20 & 21

Introduction The SHL 350-Ex is a rugged handlamp with LED technology that is designed for industrial and fi re-fi ghting applications in potentially explosive areas classifi ed as Zone 0 and 1, or 20 and 21 in accordance with Directive  Read more

ECOM Lite-Ex PL 10 Torch, Zones 0 & 20

Introduction The Lite-Ex PL 10 is a powerful and very bright LED flashlight for daily use in harsh industrial environments. The user-friendly switch-on mechanism simplifies operation – simply rotate the ring switch to activate the lamp. Download Download the ECOM  Read more

Hazloc Heaters AEU1 Electric Air Heater, Zones 1 & 2, 21 & 22

Introduction The AEU1 series of explosion-proof electric air heaters is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of heavy industry. The harsh operating conditions of this industry require heating equipment that is safe, reliable, dependable, and available when you need  Read more