Flexi Support Systems – New From R&M

30 Oct 2014 | Filed under: New Products, New Services

flexi-support-image-3-300x222Flexi Support Systems are now available through R&M’s Fixings & Supports Division the alternative solution to traditional concrete plints or paving slabs.

Flexi Support Systems are a cost effective way to support building services on flat roofs, and with 20 years experience of supporting building services they are the team to trust!

These purpose made, robust, versatile frames can be used to support anything from lightweight cable trays and pipe work to condensers, VRV units, air handling units, chillers or packaged plantrooms.

Flexi Support Systems

  • Quality – Metalwork is hdg for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Time Saving – Fast installations due to simplicity of design and all fixings being supplied
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • CAD Design Service
  • Engineered to Customer Specifications
  • Support – Detailed site surveys and on-site support
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Designed to British Standards

Also available:flexi-support-image-2-300x248

  • Step-overs
  • Access Walkways
  • Maintenance Platforms
  • Cat-ladders
  • Companion Way Ladders

Flexi Support Systems offer you peace of mind:

  • Stable- the weight and size of the building services being supported on the flexi frameworks will be assessed to ensure they are safe against wind loadings
  • Accurate – Site surveys are conducted and fully dimensional working drawings created
  • Future Proof – Eliminates the need for waterproofing detailing, allows long term maintenance of the building fabric
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Engineered – Loadings are carefully assessed and managed along side customers structural engineers to ensure safe workable solutions are provided

“We are very pleased to be able to add the Flexi Support System to the service we are able to offer.  It compliments the range of products we currently provide and enables our customers to install building services quickly, easily and because of the light weight nature of the support system – there is the additional freedom to be able to re-position frames if needs be at the last minute”  Nick Dyer-Smith Director.

For more information on the Flexi Support System please contact us on [email protected] or complete our contacts page.