Vendor Managed Inventory

R&M Fixings and Supports recognises that not one inventory solution will fit all of the challenges our clients face.  

Our flexible approach allows us to offer a variety of vendor managed inventory solutions which are bespoke to the individual requirements of our customers.

Customer Call off Stock

This allows our customers to place an large order for specific stock, which R&M will then hold at our premises and deliver to the customer as and when desired.  R&M Fixings & Supports will only invoice for the stock once it has been delivered. 

This gives our customers piece of mind that their items will always be available when required but means they do not have to store them on their premises (which may not be suitable for storage purposes) and will not be charged for them until they have been used.

Managed Consignment Stock

Agreed items of stock are held at our customer’s premises and invoiced once the items are used. 

Our experienced team manage the levels of stock on a weekly or monthly basis – whatever is appropriate in the circumstances – to ensure they are maintained at agreed levels at all times.  

Typically involving high turnover consumables that are critical to our customers business using managed consignment stock vastly reduces the likelyhood of them ever going out of stock.

Managed on-site store facilities

R&M Fixings & Supports are able to offer our customers on-site managed store facilities. 

Stock items are maintained at agreed levels at customer premises and staffed by our personnel –  the stock you require is always at the location you want, increasing productivity and reducing the chances of running out of critical items.

Vendor Managed Inventory is an important additional service R&M are able to offer. 

Using our experienced staff to manage your stock will result in improved stock management and increased productivity. 

Please get in touch via our contact page with your requirements and we WILL be able to help you.