International Cable Distribution

For over a decade our cables division has enhanced the group’s capabilities for international supply solutions.

Through our cables division R&M Exports are able to supply a wide range of cables for the varied industries that encompass our customer base.

Product Range

Armoured Power & Control Cable

PVC & LSZH sheathed

Control & Instrumentation Cable

For onshore installations including PAS5308 and EN50288-7 constructions, also Fibre Optic cables in many formats.

Data Cable

Belden types are stocked in an extensive range, supported by many diverse application Co-axial cables. Incorporated in this range is our stock of internal and external Telephone cables and Fibre Optic types.

Marine & Offshore Power & Instrumentation Cable

Including BS6883, BS7917, RFOU, BFOU and all XLPE insulated, SHF1 sheathed Armoured & Un-armoured Marine cables. We are the only stockist of CCI’s market leading Firebar® range.

Multicore Control Cable

YY, SY & CY Types

Process & Automation Cable

For many varied applications including Armoured & Un-armoured types, Profibus DP & PA, Fieldbus, Modbus & Conventional Ethernet based system cables.

Rubber Flexible Power & Control Cables

Including H07-RNF, H07-BN4-F (TQ), Coil Lead, Welding Cables & more specialised Mines, Quarries and Crane types.  We also are able to supply a range of B2 & C2 type Rail signalling cables.

Specialist Cable

Our Exports Division are also able to provide a range of specialist cable types through the extensive international cable supply chain we have established within the R&M Group over the past 30 years – giving us access to significant ranges of cable types not listed above – please complete our contacts pages with your requirements.