24 Jul 2013 | Filed under: New Products

New Product: Siemens Process Instrumentation

R&M are pleased to announce that they are now able to supply the Siemens range of Process Instrumentation equipment.  This comprehensive range of high quality equipment offers full integration with your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), and a wide range of equipment from pressure management through to weighing & batching systems.

Siemens-Process-Instrumentation_RM-Exports_Page_1_Image_0002-300x300“The industries focused on by Siemens, including chemical, pharmaceutical, marine, oil & gas, perfectly partner the areas that R&M currently supply into.  It is an ideal partnership for both R&&M, Siemens and our clients” Martin Goodall (Export Division Manager)

The Siemens range of process instrumentation includes:

Pressure Measurement:  The SITRANS P range complies with industry standards and international certifications, fulfilling the increasingly complex tasks of the process industry. Offering diagnostics functions on some versions.

Temperature Management:  The Sitrans T range offers a solution to all your temperature measurement requirements.  They can be quickly connected to many different thermocouples and resistance thermometers, as well as mV and resistance sensors.

Flow Measurement: With a well-established reputation for reliability in day-to-day applications the Sitrans F family of flow measurement products offers the right flow meter for every application, medium and industry.

Level Measurement:  Whether you are measuring liquids, slurries or bulk solids, Siemens provides the ideal level measuring instruments for every job.  Siemens offers a unique and comprehensive range of contacting and non-contacting instrumentation for point level and continuous level measurement.

Siemens-Process-Instrumentation_RM-Exports_Page_1_Image_0007Positioners, Controllers & Recorders:  For more than 15 years, positioners from Siemens have provided safe, uninterrupted performance for many process industries worldwide. The SITRANS VP300 and SIPART PS2 devices precisely control a broad range of valves and also perform special tasks with absolute reliability.

Weighing & Batching Systems:  Weighing and Batching systems are critical in many fields of industrial production. Whether you are involved in the processing of bulk materials in the basic industries, recipe processing of chemicals or pharmaceutical products or food packaging: Siemens can offer you solutions featuring absolute reliability and maximum precision.

Gas Analysers & Gas Chromatographs:  Siemens range of Gas Analysers can be extractive or in-situ, and includes a variety of physical or electrochemical measuring techniques.  Siemens can provide the ideal gas analyser for any application.

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