04 Jul 2013 | Filed under: New Products, News

New Product: SafeSite® CE LED Lighting for Hazardous Areas

DIALIGHT-LOGONow available through our Exports Division – The Dialight SafeSite® range of CE LED Lighting specifically designed for Hazardous Areas.

SafeSite® incorporates both cutting edge LED technology along with proprietary optics to achieve area lighting comparable with other traditional light sources.  By focusing the light where it is needed, the SafeSite® Series is the most efficient light source available for hazardous area lighting applications.

This innovative range of lighting has been designed to replace conventional lighting in a wide range of hazardous area applications.  Its green credentials include significant energy consumption savings and reduced
light pollution.

Suitable for both internal and external sites where explosion protection is required.  Developed for us in a wide range of facilities, including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Waste-water and Sewage Treatment facilities.

dialight-image-exports-jul-13-300x199Typical applications for the SafeSite® range includes:

  • Hard to access areas where Ex e inspections are expensive
  • Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures
  • Areas requiring frequent switching on and off of lights
  • Where flammable vapours, gases, ignitable dusts, fibres or filings are present, indoors or outdoors
  • Where extremely corrosive, wet, dusty, hot and/or cold conditions exist
  • Marine, wet locations and hose-down environments
  • Areas subject to shock and vibration

The range includes:

  • High Bays – designed specifically to replace conventional high bay lighting fixtures in hazardous location applications
  • Area Lights – designed for tough and harsh hazardous locations
  • RTO Area Lights – for general lighting purposes, whether in a refinery, oil platform, chemical plant or any other hazardous location application
  • Bulk Heads – ideally suited for oil platforms, explosive environments, mills, chemical plants and other hazardous environments
  • Linear Fixtures – designed to replace HID and fluorescent lighting fixtures in industrial applications and hazardous location applications

For further information and to request a quote please contact our exports department at:  exports@rm-electrical.com  or click on the link to complete our contacts form