Domus Flow Control Plenum – New Product at R&M

11 May 2015 | Filed under: New Products

R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd are pleased to introduce the new Domus Flow Control Plenum – an exciting new addition to the Polypipe Ventilation ducting system – Domus.

Polypipe Ventilation are market leaders in the manufacture of domestic and light commercial ventilation products, with the Domus Flow Control Plenum being their latest innovation – an integral flow control device for use with centralised mechanical extract systems.  The plenum allows air flow rates in the dwelling to easily be set and maintained, ensuring correct rates are achieved at all times.

Flow Control PlenumThis clever air flow regulator is for use with the Domus Supertube Rigid Duct System (204 x 60mm) and
has been designed to be connected directly to a stylish architectural grille, taking away the need to fit a room-mounted adjustable air valve.  This clever innovation allows the grille to be directly matched to the décor scheme of the room it is to be situated in – beneficial to designers, installers and home owners alike.

Domus Flow Control Plenum – Features

  • Allows connection to architectural grilles – no air valves necessary
  • Adjusting the air terminal for commissioning is quick and easy
  • Enables commissioning to be carried out prior to fixings ceiling boards

Domus Flow Control Plenum – Benefits

  • Integral flow control device cannot easily be tampered with by the occupant – which could negatively Flow Control Plenumimpact on system performance
  • Commissioning rates can be tested prior to ceilings being fixed – giving peace of mind that air flow rates can be achieved and reducing the necessity of costly remedial work
  • Ability to integrate stylish grilles to fit interior design scheme

Included in the range is a Flow Control Adjustment Kit – aiding in the commissioning and balancing of the centralised mechanical extract system.

The Flow Control Plenum is just one of many products R&M Fixings & Supports supplies from the Domus range of ventilation products – please contact us for more information on [email protected] or complete our contact pages by clicking on the link.