Cutting Service for Channel, Cable Tray and Rod – Now Available

03 Apr 2014 | Filed under: New Products, New Services

CUT-STRUT-150x150Cutting service for channel, cable tray and rod is now available through R&M’s Fixings & Supports Division.

R&M’s experienced pre-fabrication department are now able to offer a cutting service for any size of order – large or small.  This offers many of the benefits of pre-assembly, such as time, cost and wastage, but leaves the final work to be completed by the contractor on site.

By using our cutting service we will save you time, wastage and money:

  • Precision, clean cuts to your specific measurements
  • Reduction in wastage – you order the quantity you need instead of ordering set lengths where overage is discarded
  • Productivity is increased – your skilled workforce no longer has to spend time cutting strut to length
  • Reduction in the labour force needed on site
  • Health & Safety risks are reduced – by removing any cutting activities and cutting equipment from site

We are able to cut to your exact specifications including:

  • C Section Channels
  • Angle Iron
  • Paxoline
  • Tray
  • Channel, Channel Ends and also fit End Caps
  • Threaded Rod

STRUT-300x176This cutting service is offered to compliment the increasingly popular pre-fabrication service already offered to R&M customers.  Through our uniquely designed “Build@Bracket” on line software, our customers are able to design the bracket/assembly you require, produce and CAD drawing, receive a quote and place your order, all on one platform.  R&M are then able to deliver your order to site in 24 hours if your order is in kit form or 48 hours for fully pre- assembled items.

For more information about our service or for a competitive quote contact us on [email protected], click on the link and complete our contact page, or click here and visit our build@bracket website.