14 May 2009 | Filed under: Press Release

McDermott recognizes R&M as one of the best subcontractors

jayraynews_june06-extract1McDermott Caspian Contractors, Inc. (MCCI), the Caspian operating subsidiary of J. Ray McDermott, S.A. (J. Ray), recently held its first Supplier Forum. The primary purpose of this forum was to communicate to the local vendors and suppliers MCCI’s previous and anticipated business impact in Azerbaijan. In addition, four suppliers were recognized for their performance in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment.

The CRC 11, EMM Caspian Ltd., MAGPI and R&M Caspian companies were named the “Top Suppliers for 2005” and were awarded special prizes issued by MCCI. Nominated by both Fabrication and Marine Division, they were selected for consistent performance, compliance with J. Ray plans and specifications requirements, while continually meeting
delivery requirements.

“Our productivity and safety performance to date, in terms of progress on deck fabrication and pipeline installation for AIOC, is a remarkable achievement. It would not have been possible without the full cooperation of our Suppliers and we appreciate their contribution to MCCI’s success,” said Dan Houser, Vice President and General Manager, Caspian operations. “We are especially proud of the fact that there are Azerbaijanis companies among those four selected out of more than 140 major Suppliers. By developing long-term sustainable partnerships with local companies, we reinforce the commitment to provide employment for Azerbaijani people, support the local business community and contribute to the economic and social development of the country.”

Local business enterprises make up more than half of all MCCI’s vendors and subcontractors in Azerbaijan, comprising state owned and private, small and medium enterprises, and joint ventures. Wherever possible, local sub-contractors and suppliers are employed, and more than 70% of all purchases on project related products and services are from local Azerbaijani suppliers and contractors.