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FIREBAR cables provide fire protection for up to 2 hours

The FIREBAR cable provides protection from fire damage for up to 2 hours. In testing the cable was submitted to open flame, mechanical shocks and sprayed water. When submersed in water the cable still stayed powered.

When a fire breaks out people’s survival often depends on anti-fire measures working, these are often powered by electrical cables. The manufacture of these technical cables needs to take this into account and exclude the possibility of failure where safety equipment is under power.

During a disaster lighting, sprinkler systems and ventilation all need to function long enough for people to safely evacuate from the affected area.

Safety Regulations

Standards for specialist fire resistant cables have largely concentrated on the effects of fire only. In truth, given that fire is extinguished with water, cables will usually fail as soon as they come into contact with water.

Mica glass tape is often used as the fire barrier for cables. The limitations of this tape includes it only being suitable for low voltage cables (up to 1kV) and the fact that it is not water resistant.

The development of the FIREBAR cable

Controlcavi Industria (CCI) researched and developed a cable that would meet the needs of both offering fire resistance and surviving water immersion. Not only does the FIREBAR cable offers these protections, but it is as easy to install as a conventional cable (unlike a mineral insulated version).

FIREBAR cables will continue to operate during a fire, but have also been developed to withstand mechanical shocks, as well as offering water resistance to water spray and water jets.

With FIREBAR cables installed people can be safely evacuated from the danger area for an extended period.

Please note: For the purposes of this video, FIREBAR samples were tested for a 60 minute duration. Since this video was published the duration has been tested to 120 minutes.

Technical Specifications for the XI-2 FIREBAR


Design and constructionIEC 60092-353
Nominal voltage (Uo/U)0.6/1 kV
Maximum Voltage (Umax)1.5 kV
Maximum rated temperature95 °C
(according to IEC 60092-360)
Flame retardancyIEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60332-3-22 Cat A
Fire resistanceBS 8434-2 (at 93 °C for 120 minutes)
BS 7846 :2000 Cat F3
BS 8491
BS EN50200 + Appdx E PH120
Halogen content & corrosivityIEC 60754-1 & 2
IEC 60684-2
Smoke densityIEC 61034-1 & 2
Toxicity & smoke densityIMO Resolution MSC 41(64)
UV resistanceUL 1581 § 1200
Ozone resistanceIEC 60092-360
Cold Bend and Impact test (-40 °C)CSA C 22.2 N° 0.3-01 & N° 38-05
EMC ConformityIEC 60533 Appdx B

Please note: FIREBAR satisfies the British Standards for installation of emergency lighting cables and cable systems according to BS5266-1 (8.2.2 a, c & d). In addition the cable satisfies BS5839-1 & BS5839-8 for alarm systems with cables meeting the requirement of BS EN 50200 (Appendix E – Fire, Mechanical Shock and Water). BS8434-2 at 93 °C (+40/-0) for 120 minutes is met without being installed in conduit.