16 Aug 2012 | Filed under: New Product

New Product: FIREBAR™ Total Safety Fire Resistant Cable


Not for the Firebar™ range of Cables!

Designed to retain its electrical operation after being subjected to fire and the damaging effects of fire fighting water equipment, the Firebar™ range of Cables (tested at the Warrington Fire Global Safety laboratories) has been proven to function after re-burning already fire damaged cable to 1000°C and then subjecting it to full submersion in water!

FIRE-BAR-WATER-SPRAY-300x236Further testing has also been carried out allowing for a single cable to be burnt at 100°C for in excess of four hours whilst sustaining mechanical shocks every 30 seconds, whilst also being ‘drenched’ by a ‘water spray’ device providing 1.2 litres of water per M² per second, again electrical functionality is retained.

Originally designed for the Offshore, Drilling and Marine environments, certification is awaiting final approval for Onshore environments for use in Oil and Gas Refineries/Storage Units – certification is expected imminently.

“R&M in the past 18 months have secured significant contracts in partnership with CCI and their innovative Firebar™ range of Cables.  The safety aspects of this cable are second to none – guaranteeing installations 100% safety, when current standards allow for a one in three failure rate!” Andy Baggott (Director)

To watch a DVD of the cable in operation please click on the link below:


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