Offshore & Marine Specialist Cable and Equipment

For nearly 3 decades the R&M Electrical Group has been supplying offshore and marine specialist cable and equipment to our customers both nationally and internationally.

Product Range

R&M Cables have added to this capability enabling the supply of a wide range of products specifically aimed at the marine and offshore markets. Through our many years of experience in cable distribution our product range is designed to give our customers the greatest flexibility and choice with regards to size, armouring and conductors, key to the supply of product where size and weight can be critical.

Working only with internationally manufacturers – we hold the distributorship for BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek (TKF) for the UK, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan & Cyprus –  our cable complies with the rigorous international standards demanded by this safety critical industry including:   IEC 60092, BS6883, NEK 606 and IEC 60331 for fire resistance.

We have extensive experience of the international supply of both large and small offshore and marine projects and have the flexibility required to service this 24/7 industry.

Our range of marine and offshore cables includes:

Instrumentation Cable

  • BFOU (c) Instrumentation Cable

Marine Cable

  • XI marine power and control cable suitable as ship wiring or shipboard cable
  • XLPE Marine Cable

Miscellaneous Cable

  • EEMUA133 Lead Cable/BS5467
  • H01N2-D Flexible Welding Cable

Power Cable – Armoured Cable

  • 658*TQ Armoured Cable/BS6883 Type SW4
  • XAI Armoured Cable

Power Cable – Unarmoured Cable

  • XI Unarmoured Cable

Fire Rated Cable

  • BFOU Fire Resistant Power Cable – Mud Resistant
  • FIREBAR™ – Total Safety Fire Resistant Cable
  • IEC60331 Fire Resistant Shipboard Cable to BS6883 and BS7917 CAM (Collectively Screened)
  • IEC60331 Fire Resistant Shipboard Cable to BS6883 and BS7917 ICAM (Individually & Collectively Screened)
  • IEC60332 Fire Retardant Shipboard Cable to BS6883 CAM (Collectively Screened)
  • IEC60332 Fire Retardant Shipboard Cable to BS6883 ICAM (Individually & Collectively Screened)
  • RFOU Fire Retardant Power Cable – Mud Resistant

Please view our product pages for our full cable supply capabilities.