Cable Products suitable for the Fire and Security Markets

R&M Cables offer the full range of cable and related products suitable for the fire and security markets.

Our ranges have a low smoke, zero halogen sheath and comply with international standards.

They are suitable for installation in public and private buildings alike and are suitable for a range of critically safe applications such as emergency power supplies, lighting, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and CCTV and security systems.

Product Range

Armoured Cable – LSF Sheath

  • BS6724 LSZH SWA Armoured Mains Power Cable

Control Flexible Cable

  • Li- YCY PVC Paired Screened Control Cable
  • SY Wire Braided Control Cable
  • YY PVC Control Cable

Flexible Wiring Cables

  • 218*Y PVC Insulated/PVC Sheathed Circular Cable
  • 2192Y Flat PVC Insulated/PVC Sheathed Cable
  • 309*Y PVC Insulated/PVC Sheathed Heat Resistant Cable
  • 318*TQ Rubber Insulated/HOFR Sheathed Heat Resistant Cable
  • 318*Y Circular PVC Insulated/PVC Sheathed Cable
  • 3183YAG Arctic Grade PVC Insulated/PVC Sheathed Flexible Cable

Instrumentation Cable – Armoured

  • BS 5308 Part 1 Type 2 SWA Instrumentation Cable – Flame Retardant
  • BS 5308 Part 2 Type 2 SWA Instrumentation Cable – Flame Retardant

Armoured Cable – PVC Sheath

  • BS 5308 Part 2 Type 2 SWA Instrumentation Cable – Flame Retardant

Fire Performance Cables

  • FP100
  • FP200 Gold
  • FIREBAR™ – Total Safety Fire Resistant Cable

General Wiring Cable & Power Cable

  • 6181B LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) Double Insulated Cable
  • 624*B Twin & Earth LSZH  Cable
  • 6491B H05Z-U Insulated Single Core LSF Cable
  • N2XH-J LSZH Flame Retardant Power Cable

Instrumentation Cable – Unarmoured

  • BS 5308 Part 2 Type 1 Unarmoured Instrumentation Cable – Flame Retardant

Tri Rated Cable

  • Tri-rated/6231 Single Core Flexible Copper PVC Insulated Cable

Power Medium Voltage Cables

  • XLPE Medium Voltage Power Cables – LSF
  • Paper Insulated Cable