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03 Jul 2018 | Filed under: New Products

Gripple Fast Trak

Gripple Fast Trak is a quick installation trapeze bracket solution which removes labour intensive on-site activity associated with traditional suspension systems.

This pre-fabricated, off-site solution simplifies the process of installing building services. With the launch of Fast Trak, Gripple has extended that time saving simplicity to a trapeze bracket system which delivers all the flexibility of its wire rope counterparts.

The next installment in Gripple innovation, Fast Trak delivers significant cost and labour savings, carbon efficiencies and minimises health and safety concerns.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick – up to 6 times faster to install than traditional suspension systems
  • Safe – pre-fabricated system  which removes the need to cut threaded rod or channel on site.
  • Tool free – bracket can be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position during installation
  • Secure – safety locks ensure security once brackets and tracks are in place
  • Zero waste – tracks bend neatly under bracket
  • Space saver – can be multi-tiered to accommodate additional services
  • easy measurement – indicators at each end of the bracket can be used as a measurement guide when marking fixing points in to soffit
  • Neat and tidy – system can be ‘stacked’ on-site to reduce storage

Mounting Methods

  • Shot Fire
  • Drop-in Anchor
  • Concrete Screw
  • Wood Screw
  • Wedge Anchor

Please check load ratings of fixings as these may differ to the Fast Trak System SWL

If you would like a quotation to supply for your next project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with R&M’s Fixings & Supports Division

Tel: 023 8038 6800 or email fixings@rm-electrical.com

30 Jan 2018 | Filed under: New Products

BN Thermic Range now available through R&M Electrical Group

BN Thermic are suppliers of high quality commercial and industrial electric heaters and controls and are specialists in electric underfloor heating. Their range of products is now available though our branches across the UK. We look forward to introducing our customers to the following products which are part of the BN Thermic range:

System X Flexible Commercial Heating SystemFan Assisted Heaters

Fan assisted heaters are generally used as a space heating solution in commercial or industrial buildings. The BN Thermic range of products also include air curtains and destratification units which are primarily intended to reduce heating costs.

Convection Heaters

BN Thermic’s range of convection heaters has been developed to meet the requirements of specific niche applications: church heating, 110V heating and heating in corrosive/damp areas.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters can be used as a cost effective means of heating a room or building or as a means of heating people directly without heating the building itself. The BN Thermic range includes heaters for indoor and outdoor use.

F Series Foil Heating MatsUnderfloor Heating

BN Thermic supplies a wide range of underfloor heating systems which include heating mats, films, cables and accessories, mirror demister pads, thermostats and control systems.


BN Thermic’s extensive range of controls has been developed to ensure optimum comfort and economy irrespective of the heating system selected. It includes a wide range of thermostats as well as timers and movement sensors.

PW Pipe Freeze Protection CableFreeze Protection

BN Thermic has developed a comprehensive range of freeze protection products and associated control systems. The range extends from simple heating cables with integral thermostats to sophisticated self-regulating cables.


19 Jan 2018 | Filed under: New Products, Press Release

Hawke Transit System at R&M Electrical

Hawke Transit System is a means of maintaining the integrity of a firewall, deck or bulkhead in which cables, pipes and other services pass.

Our unique colour-coding system enables post installation visual inspection and it also minimises the risk of mismatching incorrect block halves.

Each tolerant block has a built-in range of 4mm. This negates the need for any onsite modifications thus speeding up installation time.

Our wide range of rectangular and circular frames are suitable for use in a wide range of industries including;

  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil & Gas (Onshore/Offshore)
  • Petrochemical
  • Rail and Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceutical
  • MoD
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Telecommunications
  • Nuclear
  • Offshore Wind

Certified by World leading class societies. ‘Avoid the risk.’

30 Oct 2017 | Filed under: New Products

Panduit Ergonomic Cable Tie Installation Hand Tools

R&M Electrical Group are pleased to supply the Panduit series of Ergonomic Cable Tie Installation Hand Tools.

Panduit’s ergonomic series of hand-operated, tool-controlled tension, and cut-off cable tie installation tools are the most preferred hand-operated tools in the industry. These versatile tools can be used for production, maintenance, or construction applications.

The ergonomic series of tools is excellent for low to medium volume applications (under 50,000 ties/year) and promote worker safety, help reduce downtime, improve productivity and provide the lowest total installed cost.

Impact Resistant Resin Tools

  • GTS-E Tool installs subminiature (8 lbs.) through standard (50 lbs.) cross section cable ties
  • GTH-E Tool installs standard (50 lbs.) through heavy (175 lbs.) cross section cable ties Metal Resin Tools
  • GS2B-E Tool installs subminiature (8 lbs.) through standard (50 lbs.) cross section cable ties
  • GS4H-E Tool installs standard (50 lbs.) through heavy (175 lbs.) cross section cable ties
  • GS4EH-E Tool installs light-heavy (120 lbs.) through extra-heavy (250 lbs.) cross section cable ties

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved cable tie cut-off mechanism that minimizes the impact to the installer’s hand by more than 40% – the lowest in the industry
  • Low handle force required to cut-off the cable tie – 15% lower handle force than comparable tools

Find more information on the Panduit Ergonomic Cable Tie Installation Hand Tools in the Product Bulletin PDF

19 Jul 2016 | Filed under: New Products, News

KSR Lighting Range Now at R&M

R&M are very excited to announce that we are now stockists of KSR Lighting QR10 range of Fire rated lighting products.

All KSR Lighting products are manufactured in accordance with the latest European certification bodies. We ensure All of the products are tested thoroughly and all comply with current European safety and technical standards.


Key Features and Benefits

• Efficient 10W CREE COB Downlight
• 3000K Warm White– 630 Lumens

• 4000K Cool White – 675 LumensKSRFRD350-with-KSRFRD352 • 46-degree beam angle
• IP65
• Dimmable
• Fire-rated 30, 60, 90 minutes
• Remote plug & play driver
• 72mm cut out
• 54mm height
• 85mm bezel width



For more information on this range please download this PDF KSR Lighting Products _R&M Electrical or contact us at sales@rm-electrical.com


08 Sep 2015 | Filed under: New Products

Wolf Safety – R&M Stockists

R&M’s Southampton Branch are very excited to announce that we are now stockists of Wolf Safety range of hazardous area lighting products.wolf safety

Wolf Safety are recognised as industry leaders in portable and temporary lighting for ATEX and IECEx restricted areas including a wide range of torches, hand lamps and head lamps, all specifically designed and fully certified for their safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Wolf Safety – Product Range

Introducing the Wolf Safety range of torches:

safety torchWolf Micro & Mini Torches

  • ATEX and IECEx Approved for zones 0, 1 & 2 and zones 20 & 21
  • T4 & T5 temperature classes
  • Lightweight and very small  in size
  • Ingress protection to IP67
  • Group I Mining Approval

Wolf Midi Torch

  • ATEX and IECEx Approved for Zones 1 and 2
  • 189 lumen high output LED light sourcemidi torch
  • T3/T4 temperature class
  • IIB Gas Group
  • Midi compact size
  • Ingress protection to IP67
  • Group I M2 Mining Approval

Wolf LED Safety Torch

  • ATEX and IECEx Approved for Zones 1 and 2 gas and Zones 21 and 22 dust explosive atmospheresled torch
  • T4 temperature class
  • High power `Fitted for Life’ LED light source
  • Up to 27 hours from primary cells
  • Simple and robust design
  • Low battery power indicator
  • Straight and right-angle bodies

Wolf Head Torches – LED

  • ATEX and IECEx Approved for Zones 0, 1 and 2 gas and Zones 20, 21 and 22 dust explosive atmospheres
  • T3/T4 temperature classwolf head torch
  • High power ` Fitted for Life’ LED light source
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Single handed switching and light tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable, removable headband
  • Supplied with helmet clips for hard hat use

“We were delighted when Wolf Safety announced that we were to be a distributor of their products.  We sell a significant amount of their torches and head lamps to our customers operating within hazardous area environments and can not recommend them highly enough.  In our experience their compact and light weight design makes them ideal for this type of industry, and they are hardy blighters!  Reliable and long lasting – exactly what you need when working in such a difficult area!”  Marc Shortridge Southampton Branch Manager.

For the full range of products please see the Wolf Brochure.  You can also contact our Southampton Branch through our contact pages or call into the branch to view and test out the range for yourself.


03 Aug 2015 | Filed under: New Products

USB Socket – New From R&M

logo-schneider-161_tcm50-161USB Socket – now available from R&M – the Schneider Electric curved white moulded Lisse range of USB sockets.

Newly launched this year the Lisse line is a range of curved white moulded wiring accessories which are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but have been developed using the latest technology by leaders in energy management – Schneider Electric.

Standard USB Socket

Schneider Standard USB Socket

Latest in the Lisse range is the high quality white moulded switched socket with 2 USB outlets, charging a multiple of devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods and other MP3’s, Mobile Phones, PDA’s and Digital Cameras.

The USB socket is designed for use both in commercial and residential installations – having a curved white, moulded decorative design, combined with the latest hard working technology expected from
Schneider products.

USB Socket – Features


  • White moulded, rounded edge profile
  • 2 gang switched socket with inboard rockers
  • High quality front plates manufactured from urea with anti microbial properties
  • Twin earth terminals as standard, enabling high integrity earthing
  • Consistent high quality guarantee
  • USB switched socket version available with shelf frame


  • 25mm mounting box depth, without spacer
  • Backed out captive screw terminals for easy installation
  • Screw cap cover supplied for a sleek finish


  • 2 x Type A USB sockets – 2.1A total output, 5V
  • Charges up to 2.1A when charging one device
  • If two devices connected the total rated current of 2.1A is divided between the two outlets
  • Over current and short circuit protection
  • USB module always powered on, charging even when the switches are off
    USB Switched Socket and Shelf Frame

    Schneider USB Switched Socket and Shelf Frame

Please contact R&M for further information or for a quote today.

13 Jul 2015 | Filed under: New Products

Electrical Test Instruments – Full Range Now at R&M


R&M Neyland are now able to provide a full range of test instruments from Test Instrument Solutions (T.I.S).
Founded in 2005 Test Instrument Solutions were formed to offer electricians and maintenance engineers a competitive range of robust electrical equipment without having to compromise on quality.

A full range of T.I.S electrical testing equipment is available at our Neyland Branch trade counter giving our customers the opportunity to experience the range prior to purchasing.

Test Instruments:

TIS 1040 Lamp Tester – Lamp and

TIS 1040

TIS 1040

Control Gear Tester

The TIS 1040 is a handy unit for testing new lamps prior to installation. It ignites all gas filled lamps
including low / high pressure vapour lamps, fluorescent, low/high pressure sodium, neon, mercury and metal halide. The TIS 1040 also offers voltage and continuity testing using single pole technology.

TIS 950 Non-Contact Voltage Detector – 90V to 1000V


TIS 931

TIS 931

This popular, hand held, non-contact voltage detector is pocket sized, with a handy pocket clip.
The TIS 950 is IP65 rated and when detecting AC voltage of 90V – 1000V it gives both LED and vibrated indication. It is totally insulated with no exposed metal or conductive parts.

TIS 931 Voltage Detector – 50V to


The TIS 931 is a handy pocket sized non-contact voltage detector with flashing LED, audible buzzer and LED flashlight.

tis 1850 multi tester

TIS 1850

TIS 1850 Multifunction Tester – Advanced Multifunction Installation Tester with Bluetooth

The TIS 1850 incorporates all normal tests associated with multifunction testers, including latest advancements in “No Trip Technology” when carrying out loop testing on RCD protected circuits, producing fast & accurate results together with “Auto Testing” and “Ramp Testing” of RCDs.
Simple and easy to use this multifunction tester is IP65 rated and Bluetooth compatible.

TIS 1900 Thermal Imaging Camera

TIS 1900 thermal imaging camera

TIS 1900

Featuring 80 x 80 resolution at 50Hz for real time capture and a temperature range from 20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 662°F) the TIS 1900 is a robust and reliable thermal imaging camera – designed to make work easier, more productive and more effective. It has 32 x continuous zoom, picture-in-picture, voice comment recording and text annotation on images.
Contact or visit R&M Neyland today for more information on these and other test instruments in the T.I.S range including; multi-meters, clamp meters, PAT testers, electrical testers, environmental test meters, LAN network testers, laser distance meters, stud, metal & voltage meters and moisture meters.

26 May 2015 | Filed under: New Products

Domus Green Line Duct Bends – New from R&M

New from R&M Fixings and Supports is the innovative Domus High Efficiency Green Line Rigid Duct Bends.  For use with duct systems and MVHR units the bends are designed to significantly reduce duct resistance, lower system noise and reduce overall energy usage.

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11 May 2015 | Filed under: New Products

Domus Flow Control Plenum – New Product at R&M

R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd are pleased to introduce the new Domus Flow Control Plenum – an exciting new addition to the Polypipe Ventilation ducting system – Domus.

Polypipe Ventilation are market leaders in the manufacture of domestic and light commercial ventilation products, with the Domus Flow Control Plenum being their latest innovation – an integral flow control device for use with centralised mechanical extract systems.  The plenum allows air flow rates in the dwelling to easily be set and maintained, ensuring correct rates are achieved at all times.

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