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R&M Wins “Company of the Year” Award

KPMG-WINNER-LOGOR&M are very proud to have won the prestigious Hampshire Business Awards KPMG “Company of the Year” Award at yesterday’s  Gala  Ceremony Dinner.

Facing stiff competition from the other two finalists in this category –  Lymington Precision Engineers and Pabulum – R&M are proud to join the esteemed company of  The Southern Cooperative and the Whitely based defence firm Chemring Group , previous winners of the Company of the Year Award (2010 and 2009 respectively).

London Underground Products

R&M are now stockists for the Lindapter Tunnel Segment Connector system (TSC) which provides an easy to fit system with structural integrity sympathetic to the specific load bearing requirements of the existing tunnel linings and segments.

Domus Radial Duct System

Chart-300x207The air distribution system for a quick, hassle-free installation.

The Domus Radial duct system is a revolutionary whole house air distribution system suitable for most property types and a wide variety of applications.

• The radial duct system is a clever plug and play application using a manifold (air distribution box) to service up to 12 rooms and semi-rigid duct running to each individual room. It can be used with either Mechanical Extract or Heat Recovery Ventilation options.

Wibe Cable Ladder

WibeNow Available from R&M Fixings & Supports

Wibe was the first producer of cable ladders in Sweden and has for more than 70 years been the market leader and foremost in the development of new products and systems.

Sikla Solar Framing System

A New Service at R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd

Did you know that there is a way to build solar array supports cost effectively and efficiently?

R&M Fixings have joined forces with Sikla, who are a market leader in modular PV mounting systems and engineered solutions.

Sikla Solar is designed to be cost effective and easy to install and because it is based upon a traditional Strut profile, you are more than likely already familiar and ready to use it without any questions whether your application is a pitched roof, domestic install or an earth mounted Solar Park.

With over 40 years of experience on innovative bracketry solutions, adopting the Sikla Solar System will be a profitable move and you will benefit from:

• Long Lasting Corrosion Resistance
• Tested “High Corrosion Protected Surface”
• No bi-metal corrosion Maximum Productivity
• Time saving installation process with fewer components
• Simple handling, no loose parts
• Convenient installation aids Flexible Fastening Systems
• For all PV modules up to 50mm Thick
• Adjustable PV mounting clamps Design & Engineering Support
• CAD design & material call off
• Static Calculations
• Wind & Ballast data output
• On-site support

Jaw Dropper

For Tightening Taps Without Isolating The Water Supply

1. Sliding jaw locked in position to allow tightening/ removal of pipe union nut

2. Sliding jaw dropped to allow tightening of tap back nut with out having to turn off water supply or drain system.





  • Slim design ensures maximum accessibility
  • Adjustable handles give maximum leverage as well as enabling use of jaws at either end of wrench
  • The sliding handle channel means the handle can be easily repositioned
  • Flat head screwdriver fitting on reverse of jaws allow for quick and easy adjustment of the jaws
  • Different jaws at either end of the wrench cover a wide range of nut sizes
  • In the closed position the bottom half of the jaw acts as a stop when tightening/removing union nut

Adjustable Hole Cutter

R&M Fixings & Supports is pleased to offer this great new product from Armeg.

Impact resistant dust shield for durability

• Twin cutting blades for rapid cutting action & balance

• Adjustable width blades for maximum flexibility

• 40-203mm cutting diameter

• Cutting thickness 46mm

• Cutting materials; Veneer, Plywood, Wood Board, Plaster Board & Acrylic

Order Part No. AHC40-200
Spare Blades Order Part No. AHC10-200SB


Electrical Box Sinker


Not only can you drill a square hole in under 2 minutes, you can now minimise clean up time with the EBS round Dust Collection Shroud. There is no need for attaching a vacuum, the debris simply collects in the bottom of the shroud.

The Dust Collection unit now comes as standard with all EBS sets.


For more information or a quote on this product please contact us on
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