10 Jun 2015 | Filed under: New Products, News

LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED – new from R&M

crouse-hindsThe innovative LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED is now available through R&M Assembly Division.

It is designed to comfortably operate within the extreme conditions found in gas Ex areas Zone 2 and dust Ex areas Zone 21 and Zone 22.
Available as a linear light fitting with and without a self-contained battery system it is suitable for areas where a high light output is required (with a rated luminous flux up to 8000 lm) and is ideally placed for use in heavy industry, platforms, shipyards, electric power stations, loading docks, chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical facilities, wastewater treatment or paper mills.LL48 Crouse Hinds Ex Linear LED

The LL48 is designed to replace existing industrial fluorescent fixtures with the benefits inherent with LED lighting including; an energy-efficient proven light source which is reliable, cost-effective but which offers the same light pattern and lumen output as the traditional fluorescents it is designed to replace.

This fixture has been designed by Crouse Hinds for use as general lighting in indoor and outdoor areas with low mounting heights or confined spaces, such as aisles, tunnels and catwalks, over doorways and entries, landing areas, utility rooms, etc.

LL48 Features:

High Efficiency & Energy Savings

  • It provides reliable low cost operation with energy savings of up to 42% over HID fixtures
  • Cold temperature operation – no warm-up required

Superb Safety & Reliability; Robust Construction, Maintenance Free

  • Copper free aluminium housing with a tempered and impact resistant glass lens
  • IP66 Protection
  • Standard product is cool white 5700k LED
  • Shock and vibration resistant with no breakable filaments or glass components

Extreme Operating Temperature Range

  • T-rating: 5 at 40°C, T4A at 55°C
  • Operating temperature range: -35°C to +55°C

Innovative Design

  • Compact design makes it ideally suited to low head room applications
  • Easy to install – the compact modular fixture attaches onto existing fixtures
  • Dark sky compliant
  • Lead-free & Environmentally Friendly
  • The LL48 contains no mercury or other hazardous substances

Long Operating Life Span

  • Provides up to 60,000 hours rated life and up to 120,000 hours of economic life – eliminating the need for frequent lamp replacement
  • 5 Year Fixture Warranty

For more information or to request a quote please contact R&M Assembly Division